Creating tomorrow’s thought leaders inspires our work. Our primary focus is to create learning opportunities to develop 21st century skills using rigorous science, technology, engineering and mathematics-STEM. These innovative opportunities bring access and opportunity for all students to attain the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve and flourish.

We live in a complex world, which our lives reflect. Our students need to be critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, communicators and collaborators, to thrive and succeed. Subject knowledge is necessary but not sufficient to solve real problems.

IEL Educational Consulting L.L.C. engages with schools, businesses and organizations to create tomorrow’s thought leaders. Designing innovative learning opportunities that ensure creativity and inventive thinking using rigorous content results in the learning of both content and 21st century skills. Communities of practice focused on innovative learning, built on each sectors strengths and expertise, results in opportunities no one sector can provide.

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