“During my tenure as Chairperson of Akron Tomorrow, an organization of CEOs from the Greater Akron Region, we joined other community leaders to create the National Inventors Hall of Fame® School…Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Learning. Innovation has become the key to economic development, and this project was part of a comprehensive plan to raise interest in science and math needed for innovation.

Maryann Wolowiec was brought in to lead this project, which included fundraising to achieve the vision to create an inventive learning environment. As the Chairperson for Fundraising for the project, I worked closely with Maryann, and together the partnership raised over $5 million dollars to support the innovation.

Maryann was able to create, find and develop opportunities for us to pursue and attain. Her work was instrumental to our success. I highly recommend Maryann Wolowiec.”   view testimonial

William H. Considine
Akron Children’s Hospital

“Maryann Wolowiec served as the project manager and driving force behind the creation of the nationally recognized National Inventors Hall of Fame® School… Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Learning. Her ability to pull together individuals from various sectors, including K-12 and higher education, government, business and foundations, to collaborate on this task was exceptional. We invited Maryann back to lead the STEM high school development.

Whenever Maryann Wolowiec, a true STEM visionary, is brought in to lead a project, not only is it skillfully accomplished, it is completed in the best way possible. She uses a collective approach the integrates the strengths of unique individuals and varied organizations to achieve something that no one organization could accomplish alone.”   view testimonial

David W. James
Superintendent of Schools
Akron Public Schools

“In my capacity as long-time Chair of Invent Now, Inc. (fka The National Inventors Hall of Fame) and, at the time, as CEO of GAR Foundation, we and the Akron area leadership recognized the need for a school with an emphasis in math, engineering and science (STEM) before it became a popular topic locally and globally. As we came together around this work, we realized that finding the right person to lead the work would be a challenge.

Maryann Wolowiec was recruited to lead this partnership of a city, public school, university, nonprofit and business to create the National Inventors Hall of Fame® School…Center for STEM Learning. Once she was hired, there was no looking back!

This school was the only school referenced favorably in the Newsweek, July 2010 report on The Creativity Crisis.

In our experience with Maryann she has been a transformational figure in the creation of the first STEM Middle School in the country. Maryann is the consummate visionary, collaborator and one who gets things done.”   view testimonial

Robert W. Briggs
Chair of Invent Now, Inc.

“As a board member and president of the Board of Education of the Hudson City School District, I worked with Maryann Wolowiec during her time as Superintendent. One area of focus for the district was building leadership capacity and accountability by and amongst teachers and administrators. Maryann’s focus resulted in many accomplishments including the following two outstanding achievements.

  1. A high level of involvement of teacher leaders, as well as members of the administrative team, working together, to create high leadership expectations
  2. The implementation of accountability measures for teachers and administrators
    The accountability measures were included in the teacher negotiated agreement, which was completed in a one weekend bargaining session.

Another result of Maryann’s work on building leadership capacity and accountability was her ability to recruit high quality central office administrators who shared the same values and who wanted to be part of the culture and administrative team which stressed leadership skills and the need for accountability measures.

In order to support her work in these areas, Maryann was awarded competitive grants. Maryann’s creativity and problem solving abilities brought many opportunities to the Hudson school community.”   view testimonial

Andrew R. Duff
Senior Vice President
Amer Cunningham Co., L.P.A.

“Maryann is the epitome of a visionary leader. In my many years working with her in a high-achieving school district, she consistently challenged and motivated me as well as other teachers and administrators to strive for excellence. Continually guided by solid principles of research and design, she expertly led in-depth, long-term projects in the district to implement inquiry and problem-based learning approaches in K-12 mathematics and science. The results of this work included increased student achievement, increased content and pedagogical knowledge among teachers, and an increase in teacher efficacy. These were neither small nor easy accomplishments in a district that was already achieving at levels that were some of the highest in the state. Maryann has an exquisite ability to formulate and articulate creative solutions to difficult challenges using the knowledge, experience and insight of many differing often competing perspectives.”   view testimonial

Sarah Koebley, PhD
Curriculum & Instruction
Education Consultant

“Maryann is a change facilitator who possesses a unique set of skills that spans K-12 STEM education and is united with her research-based understanding of education best-practices. She, quite succinctly, gets it… she sees the big picture, strives for it, and reaches those goals despite those who are reluctant to move forward.

Maryann has the ability to lead conversations among K-12 teachers, administrators, and academics. She is the catalyst that an educational institution needs to not only create conversation about STEM education for improved teaching and learning but to form communities of practice that embrace innovative and creative solutions.”   view testimonial

Susan Ramlo, PhD
The University of Akron

“Over the past decade, Maryann has provided critical leadership to several major community education initiatives, by articulating ideas persuasively and skillfully guiding their ground-level implementation.”

The Burton D. Morgan Foundation
Hudson, Ohio

“Maryann Wolowiec, played a significant role in the development and launch of the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame School… Center for STEM Learning. Leading Akron organizations came together to create the Akron Public School’s middle school, the National Inventors Hall of Fame® School…Center for STEM Learning. As part of the project management team in the early planning stages, I was very involved, but it was not until Maryann Wolowiec was brought in to lead that the project took form.

Ms. Wolowiec’s ability to bring together people from across sectors to work together made the difference. Over nine subcommittees of partner representatives were involved in the process. Her STEM knowledge and her leadership experiences and skills helped inform the process and guide the work.

Today, we have a world-class STEM middle school in Akron, Ohio that prepares students to think creatively and to innovate in addition to learning STEM well. This is in large part a testament to Ms. Wolowiec’s leadership and vision.”   view testimonial

Sajit Zachariah
Cleveland State College of Education

“Maryann Wolowiec was the catalyst for change from a traditional learning model to a STEM environment in our school district. Her extensive background in corporate, merged with her longevity in the education sector gave her the skill set necessary to bring together unique partnerships to create the first of its kind in a STEM school. What I liked best about her leadership is how dedicated she was to fulfilling the vision of the school, ensuring creative and inventive thinking in our learners. Going through the process of opening a new school was a massive undertaking, but proved to be an exciting endeavor with the help of Maryann. Throughout the project, she was thorough, timely and truly an innovator! Her focus and collaborative spirit has helped to lead the school to its state rating of excellent, consistently, since its’ inception several years ago!”

Traci J. Buckner
Instructional Leader
National Inventors Hall of Fame®
School Center for STEM Learning

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